The Virtuous Circle: 5 elements of Diversity Performance

The first  anchor model in the book is the Virtuous Circle. The Virtuous Circle integrates the five reinforcing elements of diversity, inclusion, equity, leadership and purpose. All five elements support each other to enable diversity outcomes. However, if one element is weak or missing, it undermines Diversity Performance as a whole, creating ‘entropy’ or inefficiencies in the organization.

The Integrated Diversity Model: closing the capability gap

The second anchor model in the book is the Integrated Diversity Model (IDM). This builds on the Virtuous Circle to introduce six supporting organizational capabilities that enable the elements of diversity to flourish. Its function is to help organizations develop an integrated approach to diversity that combines all the necessary elements and capabilities for effective Diversity Performance. The IDM is about the core competencies needed to operationalize performance—the ‘How’

Ernst DekkerDekker & Van Velzen, founder

“Kay has done a tremendous job in combining academic research, global experiences and her wisdom and faith into a fundamental and revolutionary business approach. She takes the D&I dialogue to the next level by introducing the most inclusive model about inclusion I’ve ever seen. The provided model, tooling and business cases from other organizations speak for themselves and will surely support the change to more inclusive organizations. May any reader become a change agent for a more inclusive society.”